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7 last six months, the day before had been for most of the weekend I was home. I had shared with my wife, who plays in the bed with me. Then Sue went for three weeks. Eva came over the weekend. Would remain for the next three weeks to take care of me. This weekend was Sue, spent most of my time. Monday morning, Sue had to leave early, but there was still time to fuck. I just turn the alarm on time. I'd like Sue said. 'I always want. Unless Eve has her wish. ' '... Or any other woman. ' ' Make it quick then. ' Sue spread her legs. I did it quickly. It was only a little resistance when I pushed it. Sue pussy gripped my cock like I push in and out of the office. Sue wet soon. Give way to enjoy my desire to start. Oh, it was a quickie, I long before Sue was not even close. 'Okay, honey. ' She kissed me, and knocked on the door. It could be just the day before. 'Come,' said Sue. Eva appeared with a tray. It was the first time I had done. Sue sat down to watch tits. 'Thanks Eva,' Sue said : 'It was very friendly. ' Sue took the tray. Sue had gone before, waved them off. We went alfatubes back to bed, not on the eve of the bed, our bed, bed Sue. It was the largest in the house. Eva fluctuated alfatubes in bed. ' There is more room in this bed, enough for three or four. ' I said. ' can handle four women? ' ' Only one way to find out. ' in the coverage they made ​​love. I took my time. We had a great time. Finally, I found myself between her legs. I pushed her so close to her and locked her ankles behind me. I tip sideways. When going in and out of my hands, asked Eve, the whole body. We stayed in the area, with their hands up and down going back over the alfatubes shoulders and on her ass. His alfatubes long legs still wrapped me as if I leave her when she relaxed. My hand was on his ass. My fingers had little hair brushing against her. Eva held her tightly. Her pussy felt good. I was very hard to stay inside, not enough to run the thing. Was one of those fucks that only five or six times per year to spend. Eve came and came again and again, I was on the edge. Not desperate to have beaten out of sperm. Only comfortable there, not wanting to finish without it, just sit there and moved. In the clouds just below the sky. Finally got the last steps and broke on Monday. There was nothing left, no desire, alfatubes no need to just warm, soft body. was in this morning Eva shit made ​​my slave. Maybe an hour gently construction, orgasms, orgasms, most of them. We feel and aroused alarm.
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